Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rotten red tapism.....the root cause of systemic system failures.....!

Do you recollect what happened on 1st Feb 2011, Soumya, a 23-year-old girl after work on her way home had to undergo the same trauma in a local train and was killed by the brutal defendant Govindachami, who in the court of law was found guilty and court-imposed death penalty considering the case as the rarest of the rare through a fast track court procedure due to public outrage in the state of Kerala then. Now it's nearing 2 years, what's the scenario now……did anything changed….? I would say a blunt & blatant “NO”. Now Govindachami is in jail, in good health, no date declared when death the penalty will be carried out, sometimes even I see the victim file a clemency petition to our honorable president for moderate punishment……….sometimes he may even get away with that……that’s our great democracy all about. Now the second part…….then Indian Railways said, all ladies compartment will be shifted to the middle rather than to be attached as the last wagon and all the ladies compartment will be deployed with railway guards & railway police to ensure safety and protection to women. I was shocked to see a report in the media today, that the same local train now travels with ladies compartment as the last wagon and there is no guards nor police to ensure safety. Mind you, on public outrage after the incident, it was practiced for a couple of months by the railways and then withdrawn. Now sooner or later we will see another Govindachami in the making, as the system always fails to uphold the fundamental rights of its citizens in the highest esteem.

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