Saturday, 29 December 2012

Its a real shame......!!!

Today I sat to write a post with the utmost grief , to hear very morning that the Delhi brave girl is no more. Suddenly it’s a vacuum created and felt I lost someone very close to me. Today, it's black Saturday and I deeply mourn. May the departed soul rest in peace and my deepest condolences to the grieving family. In my view …..we as a society have two problems……mainly it’s about the mindset. India as a whole falls under the patriarchal system and I also fall subject to that. When I was born, brought up and lived till date…….It's always taught to us like a father to take care of his daughter, brother to take care of his sister, boys as friends to take care of girls as friends, husband to take care of his wife, son to take care of his aged mother……etc. All today's men take birth from mothers womb, then how can they go showing disrespect to women at any stage of their life. As a man who stands within the patriarchal system, even though obliged to undergo all the duties mentioned above, when it comes to atrocities on women he stands stranded and looks weak & clueless. We ought to take care of our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters. Have we devalued ourselves as a society that is looked upon as the byproduct of a patriarchal system where we are unable to respect women and at the same time equally uncomfortable to buy the larger diaspora of gender equality?


  1. Sad to start blogging for the first time in my career on what is considered to be a National Shameful day.Indeed there was a sense of hope left in everybody's mind that Damini will come back to normal in life soon.Its a hapless and helpless day for the entire citizens of INDIA.Still wait and watch policy is being adopted by the Government to safeguard their kingdom.Yes i do agree with u my friend but nobody in the system wants to take the responsibility and the Government supporting the protests in one way and trying to tackle it with red alert from the other side but am sure nobody can stop it now. Not only in Delhi how many ladies go out after 6 in the night in Kerala. The freedom of the women is losing everywhere. Its time for the enforcement of the stringent law and give immediate justice to the girl. Also on this occasion don't forget to respect the sentiments of another family of police constable who was performing his duties with full commitment. Nature or the super power is making a balancing act.

  2. BAN CRICKET IN INDIA!! I would like call them shameless creatures as far as humanity is considered. Today morning a dead body of a brave girl of national importance was brought to the National capital and BCCI not even considered to mark it a mourning day. I was a keen observer of Cricket for some time and they used put piece of black cloth on the shoulders as a mark of respect. Its missing out and INDIA has lost humanity. I feel to quit watching cricket too. Better Ban cricket for some years in INDIA for the improvement of other sports.Just seeing the dismal performance of INDIA. Money should not be the only criteria for sports. So the present team had enough of them in stock move out of them from this stream. Come on friends i need some comments on this before the match ends today

    1. Yes Vivek, Cricket should have been called off today by BCCI , as a mark of gesture by the highest sports governing body. I am of the opinion that Central Government should call off all New year celebrations on New year eve and our national flag should be at half-mast for a week