Monday, 31 December 2012

Are all of us equals.....!

Probably the last post to scribe on 2012, yet again on a cynical note only. It's with regards to the public distribution system of food grains through ration shops in Kerala. The current Congress government has promised to distribute rice a kg at Re.1 to the masses. To an extent, it getting practiced also, but why I am cynical is that some undercover acts are happening in PDS of rice, as the grains gave through ration shops at places where financial weak/deprived section says they are distributed with degraded quality rice grains infested with insects, mud and stones, whereas through the same PDS, good quality rice grains are distributed in areas where financially more stable people stay. Why this discrimination……based on social strata….unable to understand. The problem I see here is not with the Government not procuring enough good quality rice grains for distribution to its entire mass, but I am very much skeptical of the fact that a major share of these rice grains ready for distribution is floated through an alternate channel which includes bureaucrats  & middlemen and they siphon it off  for commercial purposes and thus make money from these subsidized product, on the contrary, the poor masses are supplied with devalued product who does not have the right for their “ Voice Up”. This is with regards to the expose on the subject at Idukki District in Kerala. If the deprived class ask the concerned ration shops…. “why this rice for us, then the reply is if you want to have, take this, otherwise not even this “……..When we will our so called educated society start to accept poor/deprived class as humans… for thought as we step into 2013.

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