Thursday, 27 December 2012

Atrocities on women, a never ending story.......are we uncomfortable when we talk on Gender equality?

Equally disturbed to see a changing face of the most acknowledged democracy of the world and its complexities to take care of its citizens, truly disheartening. You and Me and likewise many million citizens are standing helpless. Powerhouses like bureaucrats, administrators, politicians...all make a mockery of themselves and they behave not in sync with the nation's pulse/outrage and are highly insensitive.

Being Indian, I am angry with the corruption happening across all levels, atrocities against women (no gender equality – we only preach), scams coming out in a relay one after the other(thanks to the media, otherwise as citizens, we never know  and all these scam people rule as demigods in our minds,), judiciary & political system fails to punish and alienate the influential and powerful scammers, as days progress people losing faith in the system, citizens stand stranded with no hope for justice, the future looks bleak.

Rape/ Atrocities on women, statistics say one in every 20 minutes in India, if I am told right, starts from domestic to public. Mainly due to alcoholism, drugs & certain % of criminal minds. Otherwise, no human will indulge in such heinous crimes with his conscious self. So I am asking the system drivers…….being Indian what have we done towards that to date?

Through media, I could see last Saturday & Sunday, the mob at India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Raising Hills in Delhi treated with water cannons and lathis. Its helpless citizens, no one to guide, control, or direct them, What else a disturbed community can do rather than getting to the road and express their anguish with placards. It's not for a revolution we are looking at, it's just for an amendment of the law, at the earliest so that citizens live in peace and harmony. Hooligans & miscreants, as usual, get into any mob and get into acts of vandalism to dilute the very motive behind such agitation which we should counteract with more courage.

Being Indian…..It's high time, politicians so-called nation drivers...sit, think, act & amend the law of the state in the parliament and lets have "zero tolerance law" for such heinous crimes. " If the victim suffers his/her entire life, then the law should ensure that the accused also is made to suffer his/her entire life" straight as that.

Being Indian…..Human rights people preach volumes on the rights which we need to give to the accused but totally ignores the human right values of the victim. Certain sarcastic people say/ask for compensation.......such human rights activists should be less heard. I am worried to see till date not much of human rights activists, women's commission &  social activists in the frame to raise their voice, are they too helpless like citizens without any powers vested in them to make a change.

Being Prime Minister with a delayed national address on the 8th day from the gruesome incident date was not touchy to heart for the masses and especially his "theek hai " remark at the end of the address was truly insensitive to the national outrage. Does my PM does not regard “safety and protection for girls/women” have reached a national emergency? I feel political empathy lacks….

Being Indian…..I welcome the leader of Opposition asked for an extra session in the winter parliament to discuss the issue with an all-party meeting too (but sad to see that Government is not willing for that) and the ruling party to set up a fast track judicial commission on Delhi gang rape, but I am equally skeptical whether this will also take its own sweet time with no deadline date to table it on the parliament and get the law amended & passed with the stringent clause.

Being Indian….I am disturbed, how parents can sit at home composed, thinking about their child's safety once she steps out. Shame to have such weak law of the land with no time frame for justice and equally insensitive law bearers where citizens are deprived of their fundamental rights to live respectfully.

I heard Delhi CM, appeal to stay calm and have confidence in the system, she says it takes time, will make it fast, but cannot do anything overnight…as its a process. Being Indian….I understand….but then how much more time I need to wait. Why system was not put in place holistically for all the matter concerned for the last 65 years. Why?.... Why now?

Being Indian…..we ought to undergo the tragedy first, then be reactive, are we really incapable to be proactive……I think we are not, people at the helm of affairs needs to be proactive.

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