Saturday, 6 February 2021

Is Climate change going to cost us (India) heavily?

A couple of days before, I came across a YouTube video in Malayalam about 8 major cities of India which will rise as megacities of the world by 2050. Among the Indian cities, the 1st ranked is Mumbai. At present, Mumbai's GDP is about 380 billion approximately and feeds about 1 crore population. By 2050, the city will feed a 4 crore population with a whopping GDP contribution. Folks, then I happened to see a video by GravitasPlus on 'Climate Change is Changing You' which says that Mumbai city will have an existential crisis by 2050 due to climate change. Hence the following thought,

The larger question is that what will happen to the majority of that 4 crore population of Mumbai, and what will happen to the Indian economy with Mumbai being hit badly. Will Pune be able to grow, could repair the loss and replace Mumbai. Can Pune be a Plan B option....a wild guess. Whether in the next 30 years, a country like India will be able to absorb this huge loss. By then India might have become a developed economy OR over the next 30 years, India should focus to develop other pockets such as semi-urban and rural locations so that today’s ingress of rural and semi-urban mass to big cities and metros for jobs could be restricted, thus focus to build more jobs in semi-urban and rural areas. Will such a strategy affect the operational efficiency of companies to operate out of lesser developed areas in terms of raw material availability, logistic issues....etc. Will private companies and big corporates will make an early move, whether Government will be able to roll out an early bird scheme for Industrialists/Corporates/Companies towards such a step OR Public-private partnership is the only way out.

Sea level rise on an average one feet per year, so its 30 feet rise in sea level in 30 years due to climate change.

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